Tomorrowland. Realm of dreams



Bajo Asfalto was born under the idea to showcase what’s urban in it”s many colors, and that means every so much time we must ask ourselves what we may have left behind.

This is our way of oficializing our entrance into the coverage of the electronic scene in the city to the level we cover Metal and Rock. Does that mean we will let our guard down on our commitment with the headbangers of Medellin? Fuck no. We’re just ambitious.

This is why, god willing, we will inaugurate our electronic music line going from the great electronic artists from altavoz to the mayor leagues, covering the legendary Tomorrowland. This said, Bajo Asfalto seeks to broaden it’s forces adding two photographers more leaned towards electronic music, and we wish to match this covering the Breakfest and the Freedom Festival. (If you wish to be one of those two new frontliners, please contact us at

After ten years of madness, this belgian annual festival has become the perfect space to fusion electronic music, sense stimulation and imagination.

Tomorrowland is an event which conjures artists, location and scenery to generate an incantated world that seems to be brought to life from fairytales, full of mythlike creatures, primary sounds an partybreathing people. If there is a festival which overloads one’s senses to the point of “doping” the public without a single gram of colombian best worst export, it is this one. And for three days minds of each attendant explodes with the sensation of being taken by a cosmos far from our reality.

This is the result of the vision this event has, going beyond having world renown DJs. Tomorrowland also opens a space to free the mind. What this festival teaches and has proven in each edition is that you can achieve much more than just gathering a crowd motivated by the mere appearance of the artists. Tomorrowland has created a new universe. An alternate one with beings and nature laws quite diferent from the ones we know.

This year, celebrating their tenth anniversary, and with the presence of artists like NERVO, DILLON FRANCIS, A-TRACK and so many more, this will be a festival of mythical proportions that you don’t want to miss. What surprises will it bring this year to all its followers?