Graspop. Or, how to turn the show into a show

Each year the amount of festivals and music events in Medellin grows, offering it’s public the opportunity to enjoy new shows live. In the last years astist such as Behemoth, Koyi K utho, Cradle of Filth, The Adicts, and even locals like Ron Deymon and Calavera y la Popular Independiente as representatives who confirm to the city the importance of bringing to the stage an image that transports the public deeper into the message it’s music brings with it.

What would happen if the public of this events got inspired just a little by the success of the first Comic Con in Medellín last year, and took its role as a space for expression? Here we leave you with a gallery from the belgian festival Graspop, a carnivale that started as a family rock festival, each year closes up more the bond between musicians and public as part of one performance that turns its four days of metal into a gallery.

Graspop, which will present 105 bands with memorable performances such as Watain, Alestorm, Carach Angren, Gloryhammer, the legendary Rob Zombie and the sacred blasphemy of Ghost, promises to take a real circus to its 2014 stages. What surprises will the public bring? We leave you with a gallery of what some have seen in Graspop, both in stage as in the public.

(Bajo Asfalto owns none of the rights of the pictures in this gallery. Each belongs to its tespective source, and we wish to bring you our own gaze of it this year)